AC/DC Provide Iron Man 2 Soundtrack Rock 'n Roll ain't noise pollution

AC/DC Provide Iron Man 2 Soundtrack

"Has he lost his mind? Can he see or..." no, wait, wrong band. If you recognised AC/DC's Shoot to Thrill in the Iron Man 2 trailer, you won't be surprised to learn it's on the soundtrack. But you may be slightly taken aback to learn that choice cuts from the ageing Australian (apart from Brian Johnston) rockers' back catalogue make up the entire CD.

The official press release says that, "Jon Favreau's vision and passion for AC/DC's music blend seamlessly into this incredible film... the music really underscores the high energy and excitement..." The band's Back in Black made for a key moment in the first film, so this feels like a natural progression of sorts, although how many of the album's 15 tracks actually feature in Iron Man 2 remains to be seen. We'd imagine War Machine, at least, will make the cut.

It's not AC/DC's first foray of this sort: The Who Made Who? album was another greatest hits soundtrack, for Stephen King's sole directorial outing Maximum Overdrive in 1986.

The press release also promises "exclusive footage from Iron Man 2" in the Shoot to Thrill video, the band bits of which were filmed in Buenos Aires last month. Looks like identical clips to the original trailer to us, but see if you can spot anything new. We'll be over here, on a Highway to Hell, shaking a leg, saluting you.

Owen Williams

GREEN LANTERN Hires VFX Crew: Karen Goulekas, Kent Houston and Jim Berney


With Green Lantern heading into production in the coming months, Warner Bros. has hired the VFX supervisors that will bring him to life. According to Variety, Karen Goulekas (The Day After Tomorrow) Kent Houston (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus) and Jim Berney (I Am Legend) will be the men in charge of making the effects look real. Also, the studio has hired Sony Pictures Imageworks as the lead visual effects studio on the film. They’ve previously done Watchmen and Superman Returns and both of those films looked great.

With the combined experience of the team WB has hired for their next big comic book movie, I’m very confident this thing is going to look great. Green Lantern is scheduled for release June 17, 2011 with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively as the leads.

27 January 2010 New Poster From Paris With Love Travolta + rocket launcher = wheeee!

New Poster From Paris With Love

Ah, Paris. City of lights! City of culture! City of a bald John Travolta blowing up everything in sight with a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher! At least, it is in From Paris With Love, the dement-looking new action film from Taken director Pierre Morel - and we have an exclusive look at the film's new UK poster here.

The story sees Jonathan Rhys Meyers play a low-level functionary at the US embassy who is paired with FBI Agent Charlie Wax (Travolta), in town to prevent a terrorist attack by means of lavish use of high explosives (we assume, from the trailer). With scant regard for traffic or seatbelt laws, the two proceed to get the job done (we're guessing).

Box office Friday: 'Avatar' still on top; 'Legion' grabs second slot

Looks like its gonna be a rough weekend for new releases. Early estimates for Friday show Avatar back on top yet again, adding another $9 million to its cumulative haul. Legion, from Sony’s Screen Gems division, performed best of the new releases, with the sci-fi thriller starring Paul Bettany and Dennis Quaid scoring an estimated $6.7 million for the day. Third place belonged to holdover The Book of Eli, which grossed close to $5 million in its second Friday in theaters. And it doesn’t look like kids are buying The Rock as The Tooth Fairy. The PG-rated comedy starring Dwayne Johnson earned only $3.4 million on its opening day for a fourth place slot. Number five belonged to The Lovely Bones, which garnered an additional $2.6 million for the day.

Meanwhile, CBS Films looks like its going to be asking for a do-over on their debut film from the new company. Extraordinary Measures, with Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser, landed in the sixth slot with only $2 million for the day. Check back tomorrow for a full weekend report.




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